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The real estate market can be quite competitive. From having high end homes, to having the best architectural designs, there are enough hurdles that you need to jump in order to make a sale, and a good one at that. You therefore need to put your best foot, armor and smile forward when trying to sell your property. It is for this reason that we exist.

Home Staging Tampa gives you the extra edge that you need to thrive in the real estate market. We come in, evaluate your property’s potential and then make full use of every resource it may have in order to make it sell well. Our main focus is to stage your home at its best. We spare no resource in ideas, creativity and even physical resource to ensure that the property surely gives its best face. So how can we  help  you?

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Expert Based House Staging

In essence, our team of Accredited Staging Professionals works to depersonalize your home by taking out anything that makes the home too much of you, and add things that will make it easy for buyers to picture themselves living there. This involves a number of different processes including:

  • Assessment
  • Redecorating
  • Placing the furniture
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Curb appeal and more

How Property Staging Works

​Every piece of property has different needs when it comes to home staging Bradenton FL. Some may simply require a small level of redecorating where we simply take away a few pieces of furniture, paintings and personal photos for instance and replace them with less personal yet more appropriate ones. We also may need to change the tones and colors painted on the walls to give the house an easier less personalized feel.

Some homes on the other hand require more rounded levels of Tampa bay furniture staging and design home ideas. This may then include improving the landscaping, clearing a few shrubs and trees for instance and so on. It could also mean changing and/or repairing the front porch, repainting it and sometimes changing its lighting. This works to improve curb appeal.

We go through the necessary improvements with you to ensure that you are at par with every detail. So if the question in your mind right now is “will staging sell my home in Tampa FL?” then be sure all this works to improve how potential buyers view the house and as such, increases the possibility of a sale.

Our Service

​With a keen eye on the local market, we offer several levels of services that are designed to fit the different needs of our clients. Our services are designed in such a way that we will be able to package your home in an appealing manner. This ensures that you sell your house pretty fast and for a very high price. We have many different staging packages and services and we will go an extra mile to offer tailored services that will be specific to your needs.  Our main services are:

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Vacant Home Staging

Believe it or not, many potential home buyers are incapable of seeing what their home should look like if they were to buy it. This is where we come in. we come up with an ideas of how best to stage the vacant home depending on a number of factors. These include the space available, the architectural design of the home, the value of the house, the natural lighting available and so on. Our team has vast experience in working with practically any kind of space and is therefore capable of bringing the home to life enough to give the buyer a clear picture.

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Occupied Home Staging

If you are trying to sell your house yet you are still living in it, this is what best applies to you. Partial staging involves making use of the furnishings you already have in the house to create an appealing picture for potential buyers. As such, we do not make full use of every room in the house but take advantage of the main rooms. However, we still do our best to depersonalize these spaces enough to help the buyer see what their won taste would look like in the home.

Partial home staging

Redesign Service

Our Tampa bay staging and design team specialize in styling a property for a quick sale. We make use of what you already have in the house and simply rearrange and change your design ideas to give it a fresh new design that is bound to boost the sale. With a record of selling homes within 30 days, you need to contact us to help you make that quick sale of your property.

​Why us?

Nothing beats having a local company help you sell your home. This is because you are certain that they know the dynamics involved in selling property in that area. And true, there are a number of staging companies Tampa. However, we offer you property styling with a difference. Our team of experts not only work to sell, but are passionate about making the best of every home! So if you’re looking for the perfect fit of a home stagers in the Tampa Bay area, you need look no further!

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

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