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​Do you want to bring your home to the limelight? This is possible and especially if you want to sell your home FAST in Bradenton city. Home staging Bradenton FL is one of biggest staging company in Tampa, serving Bradenton, FL and we specialize in staging your home to appeal to all the potential buyers that you can get.

​As a matter of fact, with our professional staging services, you may not need a realtor to help you sell your home. We are the best experts in the industry and we have tailored packages that will suit your needs in the best way.

This is why you need to create a great first impression that will convince your prospects to want to see the rest of the house. Our staging process is quite thorough and ensures that everything is in the right place. We will do this by de-cluttering, cleaning, redesigning and rearranging the space.

Through the help of our professional home stagers and home staging, you will be able to transform your property into an appealing place. This is the best strategy that you can use to showcase that house that you intend to sell. Studies show that it takes buyers about 30 seconds to decide if they would be interested in seeing the house.

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Property Staging with a WOW Factor

Like mentioned earlier, when any buyer walks into your home, it just takes a few seconds for them to make up their mind. With our design home and styling experts, we will work to create the perfect first impression. We will create the urge for the buyers to want to see more and this helps them in making their decision. We have a wide range of designs that you can pick and concepts that we can work with and ensure that you get so many offers. In our experience, most of the houses that we have staged ended up selling for a higher price that what is on the market.

During the initial consultation, we will seek to understand your mind so that we can build on your ideas.  Our sole mission is to ensure that buyers fall in love with your home and are compelled to give you an offer. We will articulate all the features that we believe would be essential in upgrading your home. Our staging process is thorough and we will rearrange a couple of things and give some recommendations for the right fixtures and accessories. ​

High-Quality Furniture Staging

We are professional home stagers in Bradenton, with a combined experience of over 35 years. We have a commitment to provide top-notch customer service and the best staging services. We can do occupied home staging, vacant home staging and we also offer redesign consultation services. The advantage of working with us is that we will be able to do all these at an affordable cost.

When you come to us, you can be sure that we will all that it takes to meet and even surpass your expectations. We have been staging homes in the city of Bradenton and the surrounding areas, and have had good success. If you want to have your home get amazing offers and sell in less than a month, get in touch with us today.

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Property Styling to Sell Your Home Faster

We have different property styling services and packages that are designed to suit the needs of different people. We specialize in occupied staging, vacant staging and even redesign services. We have invested in large warehouse full of inventory that has an extensive collection of furnishings and fixtures. This means that you do not have to buy any furniture for staging purposes, as we can rent out what we have.

We will work with whatever you have in your home and bring in part of what we have to create a great impression. Excellence is part of our core values and as such, we will not do some mediocre staging. We will carefully come up with a plan on how to stage your home so that you can appeal to the target market. If you intend to list your home, allow us to prepare your home and we can assure you it will sell before you know it. Talk to one of our experts and we will give you the best presentation to sell your house at a higher price. ​

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Staging, Designing and Styling

Design is an integral part of our property styling services. As such, we will take the time to create interior motives designs that appeal to the masses. Our concepts are well thought out and we try to bring out the unique aspects of your home. We will paint a clear picture to potential buyers that your house is the best place for them to live and they will enjoy. We know how to emphasize on the right aspects and unique details on any piece of property.

Selling your house through a realtor or the conventional way of putting your house on the market, may not be the right approach. Our goal in home staging Clearwater FL is to help you avoid the pains and frustrations of selling a home. There is a stiff competition in the market and there so many properties that are listed. As such, you need to be innovative so that you can succeed in selling your home.

Recent studies show that 50% of homes that are staged will sell faster than those that are not. In addition, professionally staged homes garner about 10% more money than those that are not. Over 84% of staged homes tend to sell in less than 30 days.

Let’s Put Your House in The Spotlight

​We know that, just like every other homeowner, you would wish to sell your house quickly and at the highest price that it can fetch. We are here to make you realize your dream and make this wish a reality. With our service packages, you will definitely sell your home for a good price and in a short period of time. Get in touch with us and we will give you the best packages to stage your home at an affordable price!

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