Occupied Home Staging

where can i rent furniture for staging
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Still living in your home? Going through the selling process? You're in the right place! We specialize in staging an occupied house.

Most homeowners shy away from employing the use staging companies of Tampa for fear of the charges. Well, if you are such a homeowner, we want to assure you there is no need to be fearful.

At Home Staging Tampa, we offer you the option of staging the most inexpensive property styling solutions. This is by applying the occupied home staging option. With this method, we offer you the option of making use of the furnishings that you already have in the design home as opposed to hiring ours or even having to buy any others. This then reduces the fee drastically.

In the spirit of respecting your property, we offer samples of what we would want to do with your property and seek your approval. What generally happens is that we take out anything that is too personal, like family photos, family heirlooms that may not coordinate with the design and so on. This is ideal to depersonalize the house enough so that any random buyer can picture themselves living there. We may also need to change the paint colors in order to give the house a more neutral feel. The fresh coat of paint also works well to give the house a bit of a facelift.

Since our team of dedicated designers, photographers and real estate agents have an upper hand in knowing what the market is demanding, we request that homeowners be willing to take their advice about how best to stage the homes. This team is our weapon to rising above many other staging companies Tampa. ​