Re-Design Staging Consultation

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Already own the beautiful furnitures and living in your home? But don't know how to prepare the house for the market for best potential?

If you are familiar with property styling and vacant home staging, then you know that it involves making a number of changes to a house in order for it to appeal to potential buyers. Well, at Home staging Tampa, we know that sometimes, our homeowners have amazing taste that we would not want to hide or get rid of. We are also aware of the fact that these homeowners are looking to make as opposed to losing any money. This is why we offer our Re-design Staging Consultation service.

What it Entails

Re-design consultation service simply works to highlight your taste’s strengths and strengthening the weaknesses. So what our team of staging experts does is identify what is most appropriate in your general design home and furnishings and make full use of it. We walk in to transform simple spaces into expressive ones that welcome ideas from potential buyers to make the house their own.

This may therefore mean taking away the too personal, too obvious things and replacing them with unassuming more open designed ones. We lay focus on the areas of the house that are exceptional and highlight these with furnishings, rags or even paintings that illuminate them.

At the end of the day, we want buyers to want to own the space. On the other hand, we want to save our homeowner some money yet enable them to make a killer sale. It is therefore up to our team of experts to ensure that this balance is achieved without tipping the scale in any way. ​