Vacant Home Staging

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Buyers don't feel attached to an empty space. Vacant staging can help you sell your home ​faster and for more!

It can be hard for a potential home buyer to buy into a home when all they can see are bland walls and empty floors. They need to be able to see what the home would like with them in it. This is the entire essence of property styling.

At Home Staging Tampa, we understand this very well. We know that personality, no matter how bland, is far better than being plain.

Our team of accredited occupied home staging experts comes into your home, asses it and then decide how best to sell the space. This process unfolds in these stages:

Space Visit

​The team walks into the house with the perspective of potential buyers. Using their training as stagers and their keen interest in real estate, they are able to determine what stands out about the Tampa home design. You see, much like people, houses tend to have a unique feel; especially those that have stood the test of time. The team is therefore able to pick up on those factors that make your home special.


Much as your eyes are the windows to your soul, they are also the gateway to your appetite. This is why we have a group of trained real estate photographers. They now come in to take shots of parts of the house, most especially focusing on the unique areas. This will be the basis of our house styling.

Furniture Staging

Now comes in the actual staging. The entire purpose of vacant home staging is to ensure that potential buyers find a warmth in the empty home. We therefore find the best ways to sell the house as a home. Depending on the findings of the first two stages, we then bring in furniture, rags, and even paint the walls in tones that are welcoming but not too personal.

This is how we ensure your vacant home attracts buyers fast!